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Founders Mohammed Qaisi and Mohammed Abed, launched Aeliasoft in 2012 to be a competing software development company in the region. With combined career experiences in customer success management, software quality assurance and leading software development projects, Aeliasoft has expanded rapidly since. Starting with local clients and businesses working on simple UI prototyping to a full web and mobile apps, Aeliasoft always delivers a well tailored solution for its customers. Now Aeliasoft works with organizations and people from all around the world.
We aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel but we are trying to be the best drivers around, Aeliasoft is always competing to be the best IT company in the region by delivering cutting-edge software solutions and working closely with clients, that’s why we are always hiring top talent and carefully selecting our working partners.


Why Aeliasoft

Working with offshore teams as your main development and design work force, can be tiresome and over complicated, working with teams abroad requires more time managing and directing them over skype calls or emails which really slows us down, especially with time differences between countries we would need teams to work according to our timeframe or we work according to theirs which again is not a good work environment.
That’s why at Aeliasoft we take it very seriously to always keep our teams close, whether for company meetings, hangouts or company events. This also makes sure that development and design teams are always working hand in hand. No more waiting days for a developer to get back to you, we are all in the same building; when the time comes for a new client and new project we can assemble quickly to discuss your requirements and project timeframe to get back to you as soon as possible. Aeliasoft works to deliver the best quality, we analyse requirements, ask questions and take actions to make sure we deliver application within time and budget.

What makes us different

Aeliasoft prides itself with its development and design teams as each one was hand picked by the CEO and CTO to be a superstar among others when it comes to work ethics, professional background and experience, that’s why our employees go through entry exams and multiple interviews to make sure everyone is up to the highest standards

We do love our events, project and product managers at aeliasoft are often holding small events in the office to discuss and teach about new technologies or to talk and learn from developers what can be improved whether at a company scale or a project scale, we are always improving.
We hunt for the best, we hold city wide events and invite aspiring young individuals and fresh graduates to talk to them and teach them about the development and design jobs, this has always resulted in us meeting the brightest graduates in the tech fields where they are welcomed to come and train at our offices, being supervised by product managers and team leads, our trainees are learning new stuff everyday.
We love to go out, Aeliasoft organizes hangouts and bbq’s for its teams a couple of times a year, this makes sure everyone can get along and our workforce is happy. And you know the saying a happy developer delivers the best work (okay maybe we made that up).

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