The Aeliasoft process

Software Solutions

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High-level Estimate

After discussing your plan for a web or mobile app or any other service, we will give you a close estimate for the delivery time and cost.

Defining Project Requirements

Deciding on the best practices to follow to develop a certain project, from the developing languages, APIs, data and such. This helps us draw a better plan for development.

Rapid Prototyping (1 Week Period)

According to our estimations and if you agreed to our terms, we will start a prototyping process with our designers to create a responsive mockup for you to review.

Development Iterations

At this stage we have already started with the project basic structure and starting to dissect the project into frontend – backend and design stages. Usually this is the longest process as all coding and final decisions regarding development is done here. From designers to frontend to backend programers to the QA team.


At this stage the software development should be nearly done and the testing can begin, here our QA team tests and reports everything following a systematic approach across different platforms. From the UI/UX aspects to server responses and performance testing, this is a crucial step in the life cycle of the software development process.


After hardworking and extensive testing, your project is ready for deployment, wether you have your own domain and market to do so or you want us to help with that.

Your Software is Ready

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