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Farm Insights for Agribusiness

Feeling overwhelmed with paperwork, juggling spreadsheets, and struggling to get a clear picture of your farm’s performance?

  • Managers: Take control of your farm, optimize resources, and maximize yields with Aeliasoft’s intelligent tools.
  • Workers: Access vital information, streamline tasks, and collaborate seamlessly with the Aeliasoft mobile app.
  • Enterprise Farming Holdings: Gain complete oversight of operations, analyze performance across fields, and make data-driven decisions for growth.
  • Food  & Beverage Companies: Secure responsible sourcing, build transparent supply chains, and meet sustainability goals with Aeliasoft.
  • Responsible Food Sourcing Professionals: Empower ethical sourcing practices, ensure food safety, and build lasting relationships with farmers.
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Your all-in-one farm management solution designed to simplify your life and optimize your operations, from field mapping and crop tracking to inventory management, financial analysis, and real-time insights, we put the power of data at your fingertips.


Farm Manager

Farm Manager

Empower your farm managers with the Farm Manager app. Provide them with real-time access to critical data and enable them to make informed decisions on the go.


Export tracking

Export Module

Export Module

Simplify the export process with the dedicated Export Menu. Generate packing lists, invoices, and other essential documents with just a few clicks.

Pickup Menu

Grower Pickup

Grower Pickup

Schedule and manage grower pickups efficiently with the Grower Pickups feature. Optimize your logistics and ensure timely pickups for all your produce.

Payment Gateway

Accoutning Integration

Accoutning Integration

Integrate farm software seamlessly with your existing accounting software. Save time and eliminate double entry of data.

Effortless Communication

  • Connect Your suppliers and Optimize Workflow with Aeliasoft


All-in-One Farm

  •  Management: Aeliasoft Combines Record-Keeping, Analytics, and Automation

Data-Driven Decisions:

  • Aeliasoft's Insights Power Profitable Farming Practices


Field to Market Visibility:

  •  Real-Time Farm Management at Your Fingertips

Transform your farm with Aeliasoft's Farm Software Solution

Reduce paperwork by 70%, increase operational efficiency by 15%, and gain a 10% profit margin improvement. These are just a few potential results.

Don't wait another season to transform your farm. Schedule a free demo today and unlock the full potential of your operation.

We offer flexible pricing plans to fit your needs, and our user-friendly interface makes it easy to get started, even if you're not tech-savvy.

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